Class “M” 
R.J. Harper 
NYC Film Racing Tour 2009 


A quiet middle-class NYC residential neighborhood. Kyle Robinson pulls up to the inviting brownstone he once shared with ex- girlfriend, Amanda Webster. The sun is shining. Kyle has his son, Eric in the back seat of the car. Samples of various carpet fabric are on the back seat near his son. Eric is 4 years-old, adorable with stunning good looks. Eric is a shy child but ob- 
servant. This drop-off, pick-up scenario is painfully routine for Kyle. Eric is helped out of the car by Kyle and toting a bright red balloon. Kyle smiles and gives Eric “the Daddy fist- bump” and heads up the stairs. Kyle looks at his watch and it 
reads 7:10 a.m.
Class “M ” Production
March 27th - 28th 2009

Theatrical showing within 1 week!
Time Remaining To The End of
The NYC Race Film Tour 2009