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Executive Summary Page 1

Hollywood New York International

Paul "Lucky" Goldberg

Hollywood New York International

Founder & CEO



Executive Producer


Director of Photography



Production & Post Production for TV series, Feature Films, Music Videos & Television pilots


Talent Scout


Following is a partial list of our body of work:




















New & Pending Projects


A LONG LOOK BACK written by Glenn Mobley III

CANOTO written by Jacques Deerson

COURT OF DREAMS written by Michael Stallone

HOLLYWOOD RENEGADE The Life Story of Budd Schulberg

MICHAEL'$ METHOD written by Glenn Mobley III

SUPERPOWERS written by Paul "Lucky" Goldberg

THE DEED written by Gene Boffa

THE DUPLICATE written by Michael Stallone

THE IRON HORSE written by Rene Calvo

U-21 written by Jaime Zevallos & Ryan Bosi

YOUR WILDEST DREAMS written by Alan Popper



'Michael'$ Method' - Executive Producer - Producer high definition feature film -
in pre-production; Trailer production in progress

‘Boy In A Bathtub’ - Producer - high definition feature film
theatrical release – mid 2009

‘Saucy Cinema’ - Producer, Cinematographer, EditorTelevision series – 2008 Wraparound show featuring films starring the Sex Symbols and Bombshells of the fifties and sixties: JAYNE MANSFIELD, BRIGITTE BARDOT, SOPHIA LOREN, MAMIE VAN DOREN, ELKE SOMMER, ELIZABETH TAYLOR, MARILYN MONROE, CARROLL BAKER, ANN-MARGRET, GINA LOLLABRIGIDA, RAQUEL WELCH, CATHERINE DENEUVE, AVA GARDNER, GYPSY ROSE LEE, JONDA, KIM NOVAK & NATALIE WOOD

'MuscleSport USA’ - Director, Producer, Co-Executive Producer, Writer, Editor - National television series
15 yrs consecutively on the air: 1987 - 2002; the last 8 yrs with Fox Sports Net - owned by Hollywood New York International and Stonecutter Media Ltd
2 Telly awards. International distribution as well as 80 million USA homes nationwide

‘The Trial’ - Producer [4 total] feature film; Director of Photography, co-directed by John Hoyt II [I AM WOODY] and Vince Curatola [Johnny Sack Sopranos]]with Tony Sirico [Paulie Gaultieri a.k.a. Paulie Walnuts) in The Sopranos], Dominic Chianese [Corrado "Junior" Soprano in The Sopranos], Michael Rispoli [The Sopranos], Jackie Aprile [One Tough Cop (1998)] 85% completed

Dominic Chianese


Tony Sirico [l] Little Steven [r]


Vince Curatola [l]


Michael Rispoli




















‘ECW Wrestling’ - Produced and directed pilot, technical consultant
Original pilot - WWN [World Wrestling Network - Paul Heyman]

‘Girls of Goldfingers’ - Cinematographer, producer, photographer, editor
PPV, Home Videos,Int'l, Playboy Video Catalogue

"Presumed Innocent" - feature film – Cinematography – 3 scenes
Warner Bros; Harrison Ford, Greta Scacchi; directed by Alan Pakula

‘Sun City’ - Music Video - Cinematographer [1 of 5], 2nd unit producer
Written and performed by Little Steven with Hall & Oates, the Temptations, Dylan, Ringo, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Run DMC, Fat Boys, Lou Reed, Motley Crue, Ruben Blades, Jackson Brown,
Daryl Hannah, Yoko Ono and over 35 others directed by Jonathan Demme; 4 MTV awards, 2 Grammy nominations, United Nations humanitarian
awards; Edited by Godley and Creme - they achieved their greatest success as the innovative directors of more than fifty music videos in the early 1980s. They created memorable videos for The Police - Every Breath You Take, Synchronicity II, Wrapped Around Your Finger, Duran Duran, Girls on Film, A View to a Kill, Herbie Hancock,Rockit, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Two Tribes, The Power of Love, Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free, among many others, up to Godley's video for the 1996 single from The Beatles, Real Love, featured in the Beatles Anthology.

Celebrity shoots - Photography, ENG Cameraman, Lighting Director [English version of DP], Cinematographer etc.
Bo Derek, Madonna, Paul Newman, Bill Cosby, Patrick Swayze, Bob Hope, Sally Kellerman, Patricia Neil, Sydney Lumet, Dennis Weaver, Jon Voight ....

‘Anatomy of a Filmmaker - Otto Preminger’ - Director of Photography, Audio and Lighting
Jimmy Stewart, George C. Scott, Burgess Meredith, Peter Bogdonovich, Deborah Kerr, Tom Tryon, Carol Lynley

‘First Earth Run’ - Cinematographer, Segment Producer
United Nations - torch carried through 86 countries around the world

“Moonlighting” - with Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd - Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Niles Rodgers – bi-coastal recording for “Moonlighting” theme song- Producer and Cinematography
Kaufman Astoria Studios –

‘Woodstock' event - the original 1969 music festival - Cinematographer
event footage of performing musicians – Ten Years After, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, Janis Joplin, Sly and the Family Stone, Joe Cocker, Santana, Richie Havens

Sports - Cameraman, Cinematographer, Photographer
Sumo Wrestling, Boxing, Wrestling, Bodybuilding, Fitness, Car racing, Boat racing, Polo, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Mountain
climbing, Belly dancing

Politics - Cinematographer for Governor Mario Cuomo, NY, Vice President George Bush, Mayor Edward Koch

Directors - Cinematography of Bernardo Bertolucci, Peter Bogdonovich, Jonathan Demme, Sydney Lumet

Magazine work - all categories from architecture to zoos. Photographer, Talent Scout, Model Manager. Placed models in FHM and other national magazines

Photography - glamour photographer – worldwide locations

Video work - Broadcast, cable, commercials, corporate, network, pay per view and the Playboy catalog.

Networks aired on - ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, FOX, NBC, MTV, VH1, PPV, WOR etc.

More info and full press kits available from:


Producers Guild of America - PGA

American Film Institute - AFI

Writers Guild of America - WGA

Nikon Professional Services - NPS

NewTek Inc. - inventors of desktop video in the 1980’s; Paul Goldberg – Software Beta Tester since 1989; Other film/tv companies' television and film projects using NewTek production tools include 300, The Guardian, Ant Bully, The DaVinci Code, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Serenity, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Drive, The 4400, Stargate: SG1, Stargate: Atlantis, Battlestar: Galactica, Prison Break, LOST, CSI, Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight, Recent game titles include Shadow of the Colossus, Black, Ridge Racer 6, Burnout Revenge, Driver: Parallel Lines, Quake IV and Heroes of Might and Magic 6.

Hollywood New York International, Paul "Lucky" Goldberg - affiliated with Kaufman Astoria Studios - New York's premier film and television production complex



"We Are Each Other's Angels"

"Even my Bounds are Boundless"

"Be well, be happy and be full of life!"

"Scripts Should Be Screened and Heard"

"I don't believe in Luck - I believe in God"

"Scripts Should Be Read While Eating Popcorn"

'Hope you're having a great day - for the rest of your life :) "

~Paul "Lucky" Goldberg ~

Paul "Lucky" Goldberg
Founder & CEO
Hollywood New York International
StarShoot USA! Celestial Models,Talent & Entertainment Group
Studio & Production Offices New York, NY

Film Web Site Directory

Senior Vice-President of Media, Marketing & Entertainment
Toys of Hope
email: for all charity related correspondence
Toys of Hope Children's Charity
100% of all money donated goes towards helping children, needy families & their pets
Oheka Castle in Huntington



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Dominick Chianese, Vince Curatola and Michael Rispoli - feature film "The Trial" produced by Hollywood New York International and John Hoyt III

Music Video "Sun City" written and performed by Little Steven & 54 stars including Ringo, Peter Gabriel, Bono, Motley Crue, Eddie Kendricks, Lou Reed, Hall & Oates, Afrika Bambaata, Nona Hendricks .....


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