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A Film by Maria Beatty

Screenplay written by Claire Menichi and Maria Beatty
Directed by Maria Beatty
Executive Producer Stuart Young
Producer Paul Goldberg
Starring Olja Hrustic (Flora Pearle), Brandon Ruckdashel (Virgil), Lynn Mancinelli (Anne), Clyde Baldo (Oscar)
Director of Photography; Scott Beardslee
Assistant Director; Elena Primost
Hair and Make-Up; Vera Stromsted
Costume Designer; Gail Baldoni
Production Designer; Veronica Evanega-Kahler
Additional Cast; Alana Jackler (Lesbian), Yvette Bass (Prostitute), Ashley Rose Sansane (Prostitute), Alicia Rae (Prostitute), Fei Fei (Lesbian), Simone Lazer (Eccentric), Matt Berkowitz (Drunkard), Tony Scheinman (Intellectual), Mike White (Amputee)
USA, 106 minutes, color, 2006

At the height of the 1920's Paris, Flora, a beautiful courtesan and a kept woman by a famous surgeon falls madly in love with Virgil, a cherubin florist, 20 years younger than her who wants to become a painter.

She locks him inside her house, in a secret boudoir to give him the opportunity to paint as he wishes. She gives him canvases and brushes, dresses him with the finest silk from China, everyday she spoils him with the most sugary pastries and washes him cerimoniously and sensually. He becomes at the same time her lover, her child, her double, her wife and her sexual toy.

But this paradise will eventually be destroyed...


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Dominick Chianese, Vince Curatola and Michael Rispoli - feature film "The Trial" produced by Hollywood New York International and John Hoyt III

Music Video "Sun City" written and performed by Little Steven & 54 stars including Ringo, Peter Gabriel, Bono, Motley Crue, Eddie Kendricks, Lou Reed, Hall & Oates, Afrika Bambaata, Nona Hendricks .....




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