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Here are some highlights of our 1 hour televison show MuscleSport USA. Covering the sports of amateur and professional bodybuilding along with the world's finest fitness competitiors, we thank our life-long friend, the President of the NPC Jim Manion and his amazing staff of executives, judges, expediters, promoters and crews around the country for the National Physique Committee, [NPC] and their untiring efforts to present spectacular live events year after year. Having the opportunity to bring the 'show' to the world at large was a privilege and an honor.

MuscleSport USA aired on Fox Sports Net for almost a decade and nationwide for the first 5 years prior to that from New York to California, Florida to Maine. Hosted by the fabulous team of Tom Terwilliger and Steve Stone, who were champion bodybuilders and professor-like commentators in the fields of nutrition, excercise and kinesiology, everyone was able to enjoy and become more educated in the art and sport of the human form. We enjoyed every minute of the experience, and thank Fox Sports Net and our fans for asking us back each and every year.

Considered by bodybuilding and fitness fans, as well as sports pros to be the 'must-see' sports show in the industry,, MuscleSport USA ran for 15 consecutive years nationwide with occasional broadcasts worldwide.









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MuscleSport USA was produced by Hollywood New York International &
Stonecutter Media Ltd for Fox Sports Net.  

Airing nationwide, MuscleSport USA was the premier bodybuilding and fitness television show in the

United States from the years 1987 to 2002.  

Paul Goldberg  Producer/Director, Co-Executive Producer, Co-Owner & Editor
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