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Founded in 1994 by Melissa Doktofsky, Toys of Hope, New York’s favorite charity supports over 65,000 needy children, their families and their pets every year. Toys of Hope operates all year round and does not have any paid employees or professional fund raisers. 100% of all donations goes towards helping families in need. Known for “More Than Toys”, the charity has created many programs that provide desperately needed goods and services to assist families in becoming self-suffient and, in turn, helping to improve their children’s lives.

Long Island Newsday: 12/18/2009 For one family, Toys of Hope provides Christmas cheer

The Toys of Hope team is proud to have been featured in many local and national news media outlets. Articles about the charity have appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, Long Island Press, The Long Islander and other local newspapers. Segments featuring Toys of Hope have been shown on television, including CBS News, NBC, News One, Eyewitness News, and Fox, as well as on the radio, including 1010 WINS, 880 AM, Radio Disney, WBLI and WBAB. Toys of Hope has been recognized for its outstanding work by state and local governments , boards of education and the Governor of New York State. Melissa Doktofsky was also the recipient of the prestigious Martin Luther King “Living the Dream” Award. And Toys of Hope has even been honored by the mayors of Philadelphia and New Orleans for its work in providing support to d greatly to the efforts surrounding Hurricane Sandy.


Toys of Hope does not have any paid employees or professional fund raisers. It does not maintain or pay for an office. Storage space for the toys it collects has been graciously provided by a local building management company. One hundred percent of all money donated goes towards helping children and needy families.

Toys of Hope

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